Cloud hosting is a service that allows internet users to keep, share and edit their files and documents in virtual storage devices.

Instead of using physical gadgets such as pen drives, flash disks, microSD cards, and external hard disks, you can easily store and access your files on the internet by subscribing to a file hosting service. One notable file hosting provider that you should consider is

What is is a file hosting service that allows registered users to keep files and documents remotely in virtual servers. Both free and premium members can upload, download, manage and share files conveniently using the tools provided by the company. However, to enjoy advanced features, it is advisable that you open a Nitroflare premium account

What is more amazing is that you can store any type of file, including videos, photos, music files, documents and flash files as long as they are not prohibited or they do not violate the terms and conditions of the company.

Background Information

The Nitroflare website does not reveal much information about the company. However, a thorough background check reveals that the main servers are in the United States with branches in several other countries.

Moreover, this file storage platform has been in operation for over 3 years since its launch in 2016. Even though the platform has been around for such a short time, there is no doubt that it is one of the most reliable file-hosting providers available today.

User Interface

The Nitroflare user interface is plain and simple, making it easy for everyone to use the website. Essentially, you do not need any special computer skills to use this website, as all the menu options are meticulous not to mention the fact that the site is easily navigable. Interestingly, this site does not have multiple web pages, meaning that you can complete all your tasks on the home page without getting confused.

As it is the norm with most international file hosting platforms, Nitroflare is available in three different languages, including English, German and Russian. This makes it easy for members to choose their preferred language conveniently at the click of a button. The language options are available on the settings button at the top right corner, next to the login section.

Signing Up

Nitroflare is different from other platforms that allow guest users to upload files without having to register. For you to use this platform, you need to sign up.

Fortunately, the sign-up process is very easy. You only need to fill out your email, create a password and enter the Captcha code provided. You may start uploading and downloading files as soon as you create your account. You may also upgrade to a Nitroflare premium account right away by selecting the “premium” menu at the top of the home page.


Operating a Nitroflare account is very easy. As previously mentioned, you do not require any professional skills to upload or download files. You may easily upload your files using FTP, browser uploads or remote uploads. What is more amazing is that you may access your files at anytime using your PC, laptop or any mobile device that has internet connectivity.

However, uploading and managing your files in free mode comes with various restrictions. You have to contend with slow speeds and limited bandwidth. Furthermore, the free mode does not support parallel downloads, and you have to wait for about 180 seconds before you can download your favorite files. With this in mind, it is advisable to register for a Nitroflare premium account to enjoy unlimited speeds and storage space.

Is Nitroflare Safe?

Credibility is a crucial factor when searching for a reliable file hosting provider. The good news is that Nitroflare takes matters to do with the integrity of your data with the utmost importance. The company works tirelessly to ensure that your files are safe from unauthorized access.

Firstly, Nitroflare does not require users to fill out their names when creating their accounts. This guarantees that your personal data is not available to anyone other than yourself. Moreover, the company has invested heavily in security mechanisms such as SSL encryption to secure the transfer of data, especially when making payments.

The most appealing aspect is that third parties may only access your files when you share a direct link with them. This goes a long way to affirm the security of this platform.

Free Membership

premium benefits

Like any other international file hosting provider, creating a Nitroflare account is 100% free. Essentially, you do not have to pay a dime to upload or download your files.

Nevertheless, there is a catch. With free mode, you have to contend with various restrictions that might give you a frustrating file hosting experience. The download speeds available with this plan are painstakingly slow. Moreover, you cannot download multiple files at the same time. As if that is not enough, you have to wait for about 180 seconds and enter a Captcha code each time you initiate a download process.

In case you want to retrieve large files using free mode, you must prepare for any eventuality, as this membership plan does not have “download resume”. This means that you have to restart the entire process all over again in case your internet connection goes down.

Another frustrating feature that comes with free membership is never-ending, flurry of adverts. You have to put up with dozens of irritating advertisements that keep popping up all the time. To avoid this annoying experience, it is advisable that you upgrade to a Nitroflare premium account.

Premium Account

The second membership plan is the Nitroflare premium. As suggested by its name, this plan offers first-class options for a splendid file hosting experience.

One notable feature that comes to mind is the unlimited download speeds. This option allows users to retrieve and share files quickly and easily. Moreover, Nitroflare premium allows for parallel downloads where members can download multiple files simultaneously.

download speed

What is more amazing is that you do not even have to wait or enter a Captcha code before you can initiate the download process. Moreover, you do not have to put up with annoying ads as it is the case with free membership. Furthermore, you can upload or download up to 25 GB of data within 24 hours.

Premium membership also allows for “download resume” whereby you can resume the download process from where you left it in case of any downtimes or unstable internet connectivity. The most exciting part is that Nitroflare promises to refund premium members in case of downtimes. This guarantees some sense of reliability when using this platform to keep your files.



Nitroflare premium is not as expensive as most people would want to believe. In fact, the premium plans offered by this provider are extremely affordable compared to what other similar platforms are offering.

Here is a breakdown of the Nitroflare premium rates:

30 Premium Days$12
60 Premium Days$30
90 Premium Days$50
365 Premium Days$90

All price plans offer unlimited speeds, 25GB bandwidth, parallel downloads and all the other features that come with the premium membership.

Payment methods

You may pay for your premium subscription using a variety of options, including Visa, Master, PayPal, Skrill, Sofort, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Web Money, and Bank transfer among many others.

Nitroflare Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited upload/download speeds of 100 mbs/s

  • Simultaneous downloads

  • Expansive storage space of up to 10GB

  • Download resume upon reconnection

  • Supports various download accelerators

  • No advertisements

  • No download waiting times

  • No Captcha codes

  • Priority support

  • Reasonable price plans

  • Refunds on downtime

  • Customer support is average

  • The speeds are sluggish compared to other platforms

Support and Help

Nitroflare has an open policy as far as customer support is concerned. You can file your complaints at anytime via the contact us form. Alternatively, you may send an email, but you have to include your full details such as your real name, surname, physical address and phone number. The company promises to respond within 72 hours after receiving your queries.

Nevertheless, the help desk services offered by Nitroflare are somehow average as they often take a long time to respond. You may have to wait for a few days before you can receive your response. Expectantly, this is an area they could make improvements considering the company is still growing.

Conclusion is an outstanding file hosting provider that has captivated the cloud storage space in the few years they have been in business. The company offers a wide range of incomparable services regardless of whether you are a free member or a premium member.

However, as mentioned before, free membership comes with so many limitations. To enjoy exceptional benefits and avoid the restrictions associated with this plan, it is only advisable that you upgrade your account to premium membership. The good news is that Nitroflare premium is relatively affordable. You can select up to 4 different plans to suit your budget. Sign up today and enjoy endless premium features.